Friends Theatre Visit

Some tickets are still available for the performance of Henry V at Tolthorpe Shakespeare Theatre, Stamford for the matinee on Saturday 11 July. Cost £13.50. Shared cars. Sign up list on table near South Door or contact Beryl Kirtland 01572 724103.

Henry V – “God for Harry! England and Saint George!” The English take the town of Harfleur. Henry moves on towards Calais. The two armies prepare for battle near Agincourt. The night before the battle Henry visits his troops in disguise. The French numbers are far superior. Henry inspires his troops with a rousing speech. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN. What a wonderful place to see the troops coming through the trees and see a Shakespeare play.   Do come and join us. Limited tickets. 2015 is the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt.