During recent months when Hambleton’s Parish Church of St Andrew has been the scene of major, restorative building work, Egleton’s congregation has been happily augmented by Hambleton’s complement of worshippers. With an end in sight to this enterprise, we extend our appreciation of their estimable friendship and our earnest good wishes for their forthcoming blessings under a new roof and with ancillary amenities to render St Andrew’s to prime condition!

On August 5th St Edmund’s gave its blessing as Sam and Katie’s marriage service was conducted by Canon Michael Wilson: kin and kith filled the Nave to witness the ceremony by which the happy couple became Mr and Mrs Sharpe!

On August 6th Sunday Service of the Eucharist was conducted by Canon Julie who received a cordial welcome return to duty in St Edmund’s after her prolonged spell of absence through illness. She was accompanied by her newly ordained colleague, the Reverend Ian Osborne who was making his first acquaintance with Egleton’s parish and people: he,in turn, received a warm greeting and served as Preacher in the service sequence.

On August 15th, the newly acquired Viscount ‘Chorum Forty’ Organ was installed in St Edmund’s sanctuary; its melodious powers will provide a splendid resource, to the benefit of all who find part in the forthcoming services in St Edmund’s endearing church.

August, then, has been studded with enriching moments: September will bring us into the spirit of Harvest Festival and on September 24th the lovely Church will be adorned with

… the fruits of his creation: thanks be to God
for the ploughing, sowing, reaping,
silent growth while men are sleeping;
future needs in earth’s safe keeping THANKS BE TO GOD

Harvest Thanksgiving Worship is to begin at 5:00pm! The traditional Auction of parishioners’ “harvest store” will follow the Service and then will come the time-honoured Harvest Home Supper, to be served in the Village Hall.

All these hallowed features of our cherished Festival Day to which all parishioners, past and present, and all friends and visitors are bade welcome, most warmly, so as to enter into this inspiring, highlight occasion in St Edmund’s annual calendar:

For the harvests of his spirit, thanks be to God;
for the good all men inherit, thanks be to God:
for the wonders that astound us, for the truths that still confound us;
most of all, that Love has found us, THANKS BE TO GOD!
Fred Pratt Green 1903-2005