Egleton news

In coincidence with Burglars? The Gospel Reading on August ?1h conveyed an intriguing-cum-perplexing element of coincidence, in exhorting us to vigilance and resilience: [Luke 12 vv 39-40] “Know this, if the householder had known at what hour the thief was coming he would have been awake and would not have left his house to be broken into. You also must be ready; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”

This salutary command we heard read in Church in the days following an attempted theft from St. Edmund’s hallowed precinct! Salutary, to be sure! The Bible remains as perceptive, as persuasive as ever it did!

Scratch Dials have had a meaningful mention for us in a recent issue of RUTLAND LIVING magazine. An estimable article about historic SCRATCH DIALS reminded us how the walls of St. Edmund’s wear an exemplary total of 12 such valuable tokens of Church History.

Time was when the scratch-dial was an essential means of “telling the time”. A wall scratching displays the radii of a circle: a hole has been pierced into the centre of the dial. When, in medieval times, the Parish Priest wanted to toll St. Edmund’s Bell, so as to draw his parishioners to Service, he placed a pencil or a finger in this hole and, thereby, the Sun would reveal, on the Dial, if/when the hour for Worship was near: and so to Church!

Egleton’s estimable Church, as RUTLAND LIVING is pleased to record, boasts as many as 12 Scratchdials, a record collection among Rutland’s historic churches. They signify how a succession of Parish Priests each carved a ScratchDial of his very own. This is history in the scratching! A collective, charming treat to behold, for centuries thereafter; it’s time for Us to praise the Lord, yet again!

On a contemporary note, we are delighted to learn that David & Mary Parkin of Halifax [and lately of Egleton] are now safely ensconced in their long anticipated new home. Following all too many hitches, they are pleased to be just round the comer from daughter Judith and grandchildren Elizabeth and Thomas. Each and all of them can rest assured of St. Edmund’s huge store of appreciation and endless good wishes!

On our home front, Churchwarden Sue maintains a steady progress after major surgery; she is continuing her convalescence at home, after a rewarding spell with her daughter Tanya and Grandchildren. From St. Edmund’s people SUE is assured of a potent elixir- our prayers and good wishes, top strength!

And a Welcome to September and all SHINING THINGS (Elizabeth Gould)

I love all shining things – the lovely moon, the silver stars at night, gold sun at noon.
A glowing rainbow in a stormy sky, or bright clouds hurrying when wind goes by.
The glittering wings of bees and butterflies, a purring pussy’s green and shining eyes.
I love the street lamps shining through the gloom, tall candles lighted in a shadowy room
The of all shining things is yours and mine …..
It was a lovely thought of God to make things shine!

Neville Ashton