Egleton News – October 2017

Riders and Striders were in evidence in plenty during the hours of Saturday’s estimable event on behalf of the Historic Churches Trust. This biennial expedition attracts walkers, cyclists and motorists all, who rise to the appeal to visit as many as possible of Rutland’s sixty four Churches and Chapels in the course of Saturday’s prescribed eight hours.

With sponsors, equally willing to sustain this worthy, genial purpose, there is goodwill and enterprise a-plenty to appreciate and Egleton St Edmund’s was at the ready to welcome each Rider or Strider, to sign them in, serve them sustenance and send them forth on their praiseworthy pilgrimage!

Tuesday evening brought a large audience to St Edmund’s to be intensely impressed on two counts; Robert Gower, organist of Nottingham’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, and a long-time member of Egleton’s community, was the eminent guest invited to present a Celebrity Concert on the splendid new VISCOUNT CHORUM organ which now adorns St Edmund’s sanctuary.

Robert provided an endearing introduction to the extensive merits of the organ before embarking on his delightful sequence which he entitled Five Centuries in Thirty Minutes,; the centuries 16th to 20th were represented handsomely by composers Corelli, J S Bach, Schumann, Francis Jackson and Christopher Tambling, each given a charming introduction before his eloquent music was played. In all, a feast of memorable proportions!

Preceding Robert’s fine recital, the Team Rector, Canon Lee Francis-Dehqani led an Act of Dedication of the Organ, to the praises of God and the blessing of his people. This hallowed occasion whetted many an appetite for future, ample benedictions for St Edmund’s worshippers and for every friend who shares the riches of the Viscount Chorum’s ministrations!