Egleton news

St Edmund’s annual Carol Service brought together a handsome assembly of Parishioners , with their kin and kith, from at least four generations of carollers , all eager to “hail the ever blessed Lord: to hail redemption’s happy dawn …. when Christ was born in Bethlehem”!

The sequence of readings to tell again the Christmas Story, augmented by the perceptions of Poets reflecting on the Eternal merits of the birth of Jesus , complemented the large congregation’s impressive rendering of the cherished carols. The readings were delivered by representatives drawn from those same four generations of Egleton neighbours, all serving their hallowed purpose with distinction!

The service was guided by Readers of the Oakham Benefice, Robin Wilson and Philip Hutchinson . St Edmund’s Church was delightfully adorned by candles and flowers and the whole enchanting evening was fittingly supplemented by the serving of mulled wine and mince pies; these , too, were lovingly offered by fellow-parishioners.

The Carol Service brought about a welcome return of Churchwarden Sue , following recent absence through a protracted period of ill-health; alas, the occasion brought regrets over the absence through illness of the Reverend Canon Julie.

Christmas Day lies ahead , whilst this report is compiled, but St Edmund’s parishioners are designated to “Wake and Salute the happy morn whereon the Saviour of the World was born: to rise to adore the mystery of love which hosts of angels chanted, from Above: with Them the joyful tidings first began of God Incarnate and the Virgin’s Son “!

On Sunday, New Year’s Day, the Church will get set to “ring out the Old, ring in the New; as the first service of the Year begins at 9.15 : as Tennyson wrote “ring in the valiant man and free; the larger heart, the kindlier hand: ring out the darkness of the land: RING iN THE CHRIST THAT IS TO BE!

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU ; and so say ALL of US in this