Egleton News – December 2017

The telephone was the bearer of GOOD NEWS whilst breaking into the preparation of this report. Canon Julie announced her return to St Edmund’s on the admirable occasion of Patronal Festival 2017 which falls around NOVEMBER 20th, the calendar’s Feast Day of EDMUND, saintly KING and Martyr. So then it behoves his regiment of Parishioners,in every parish dedicated to his Name, to assemble with express intent to come ‘rejoicing in EDMUND!’. A marvellous moment for Canon Julie to celebrate with us and for us! She will be in company with the Revd Ian Osborne who is to serve as our Festival Preacher. ‘EDMUND’s Egleton People’ have reason to feel delighted at the prospects for an auspicious occasion! It’s as though Christmas was just round the comer!

‘GLAD MUSIC fills the CHRISTMAS sky: a hymn of praise, a song of love; the angels worship high above—-and Mary sings her lullaby? ……. . Let praise be true and love sincere; rejoice to greet THE SAVIOUR’s birth : let peace and honour fill the earth and mercy reign – for GOD IS HERE!’ Well, WE are into ADVENT, at least! The world-at-large has been setting sights on Christmas already ;i.e. for weeks past ! How much more call have WE the CHURCH,, who might regard ourselves as guardians of ‘the Christmas flame’ from one splendid celebration of our Saviour’s Nativity to the next?

St Edmund’s CAROL SERVICE is at 6:00 pm on WEDNESDAY December 13th when a cordial WELCOME will await each and all who assemble then in Egleton’s endearing sanctuary, charmingly embellished with historic Christmas Tree and enhancing floral decoration – as ever! Nor could we omit to make grateful mention of this year’s splendid new asset, our Viscount Chorum ORGAN: all agog to augment our choral festival of Christmas adoration and thanksgiving! The Scriptures which are read will focus attention on the renewed declaration of ‘JESUS, GOD WITH US’ and the eloquent rendering of Carols, every one, will celebrate His Birth; how ‘the WORD became flesh and lived among Us… full of grace and truth’! What songs to sing! What a story to tell!

And then, to extend the rapture of Christmas, those other seasonal, customary delights of Mince Pies and Wine to endorse our mutual, thrilling thankfulness! Good causes, first to last, to echo the Gospel record of the first disciples ‘We have found the Messiah: come and see!’ And, furthermore, on CHRISTMAS DAY at 9:15 in the morning, our Festival Eucharist will exalt every high expectation of blessings immeasurable:

Then lift your hearts & voices high; sing once again the CHRISTMAS song.