Braunston news

Sue the Churchwarden, well restored from her illness, through several recent months, demonstrated her prevailing fitness by accepting a renewal of her appointment to serve her cherished Parish Church.

In turn, Jackie Starling agreed to continue as Secretary to the PCC and her husband Keith as Church Treasurer. To all three ‘good and faithful servants’ thanks were offered for their estimable services. Likewise, Margaret Ashton’s loyal contribution as Organist was warmly acknowledged.

Not least, there was right and proper acclamation of the faithful members of Church and Parish, all twenty of them, who man the sequence of Duty Rotas as Sacristan – Scripture Reader – Intercession Leader – Verger – Cleaner: an indispensable company ‘who also serve’ St Edmund’s cause, with right goodwill, throughout each season of the year!

At the heart of April we shall acclaim the holiest of all seasons, through Holy Week – Good Friday – Easter in their glorious succession. Our commendable, contemporary hymnwriters maintain the momentum of praise & thankfulness for this sublime, procession of momentous days: for instance, Alan Gaunt, as he enables us to enlarge each deep cause for celebration and ‘as day follows night’ our eager dedication:

Lord Christ, we praise your sacrifice,
your life in love so freely given:
for those who took your life away
you prayed, that they might be forgiven;
and there, in helplessness arrayed,
God’s power was perfectly displayed.

Though helpless and rejected then
you’re now as risen Lord acclaimed;
for ever, by your victory,
is God’s eternal love proclaimed –
the love which goes through death to find
new life and hope for all mankind.

So, living Lord, prepare us now
your willing helplessness to share;
to give ourselves in sacrifice
to overcome the world’s despair;
in love to give our lives away
and claim your victory today!

Hymns for Today’s Church – 132