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The Moravian custom of the Christingle has enjoyed great success in Britain since the latter part of the twentieth century, with the encouragement of the Children’s Society; Christingle services may take place before or after Christmas, but are most commonly held during Advent.

Christingle is a celebratory event that takes place in thousands of churches and schools across the country, raising funds that help the Children’s Society continue their work supporting young people.

Christingle celebrations are named after the Christingles that are lit during the service. Christingles are made from an orange decorated with red tape, sweets and a candle.

The symbolism of Christingle

Each piece of the Christingle holds special symbolism to help children understand the importance of Jesus and the Gospel, and its relevance at Christmas time.

  • The orange represents the world
  • The red ribbon (or tape) symbolises the love and blood of Christ
  • The sweets and dried fruit represent all of God’s creations
  • The lit candle represents Jesus’s light in the world, bringing hope to people living in darkness

Want to have a go at making a Christingle? Watch this handy tutorial video and learn how to make your own.

What happens at a Christingle celebration?

From traditional services to outdoor events, street parades and Messy Christingles, there is no one way to hold a Christingle celebration. Some common aspects of the services include prayers, readings, hymns or carols and a collection in support of the work of the Children’s Society – not to mention the all important lighting of the Christingles, a moment filled with awe and wonder for all.

Because Christingle was specifically created with children in mind, the celebrations are the perfect event to take children along to, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages – even if they don’t regularly attend church.

By taking part in Christingle this year, you too can enjoy the warmth and vibrancy of this wonderful celebration and play a key part in transforming the lives of thousands of children.

Advent and Christmas

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