Music for Sunday 26 July

Music and tracks for anthem and hymns are on separate pages – click below.

There is a change of plan this week, because there will be a service in All Saints Oakham, which will be live-streamed as the Facebook service as well, and there will (unfortunately) be no choir or congregational singing, just organ music and a solo voice – Megan Davis will sing during it.

For the two following weeks, there will again be services in All Saints, but they will not be streamed, and we will pre-record the Facebook service as we have done over the last few weeks as well, so we will have the usual choir contribution for those two weeks.

That means that the music below is for Sunday 19 July, so you will have more time to learn and record it, so could we make the deadline Wednesday 15 July (rather than the Friday). That means I will be able to do the editing earlier – for the last two weeks it has been a rather late finish on the Saturday, which has been fine, but if I need to be in Oakham on Sunday morning, I’d rather get it done earlier in the week!

Sorry, no videos this week again, but audio tracks without and with voices, including emphasised voices as usual for everything in harmony.

Anthem – Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach)

Hymns – Be thou my vision / All my hope on God is founded

Just a couple of things to remember as usual when you are recording please:

1. Ideally, listen to the backing track with headphones while you record, but if you can’t do that, just keep it as quiet as you can.
2. If you make a mistake and want to re-record just a part, i am happy to stitch it together if you send more than one file (within reason)!
3. Please make it clear if you are sending more than one file exactly what is what,

Spend some time practising it first, and when you have recorded it please email the files to me by the end of Wednesday. Have fun!