Brooke News – October 2017

The latest St Peter’s PCC meeting was held at Abbey Barn, Brooke on Monday 14th August, courtesy of Gill and Terry Greer, and was attended for the first time by new curate Iain Osborne who opened and closed the meeting with a prayer. Hopefully our discussions etc have not put him off and he will join us many more times in the future.

One subject under discussion was the huge amount of our parish share and there were suggestions as to how we should deal with it. Amongst other topics discussed there were updates on a proposed memorial bench, the content of our web site, future fund raising suggestions, ways to encourage other residents to church/events and concern was expressed over possible damage to the churchyard walls from all the huge vehicles delivering to building works going on in the village. The next PCC meeting will be on Monday 23rd October at Rose Cottage Brooke at 7:30pm.

We were delighted to welcome Guli to take evensong on Sunday 3rd September and wish her well in her new position and the families move to a new home. After many years in Oakham they will be sadly missed.

NB Our Christmas Coffee Morning on Thursday 7th Dec will be at a different venue this year and will take place at ‘The Old Rectory’, Brooke, the home of Barbara Clemence.

The Candlelight Carol Service will be taken by Lee on Sunday 17th December at 6pm, with the usual seasonal refreshments afterwards.

In April 1865 the Stamford Mercury carried the report of a tragic and fatal accident at Brooke, John Horspool, a groom from Burley, and his wife Emily had been to visit Emily’s sister Juliana and her husband Thomas Jones of Church Farm, Brooke where they had celebrated the 21st birthday of their nephew Thomas. John and Emily left the party about 7pm in a pony and trap to return home to Burley. In those days the road outside Brooke was gated, with one gate near Home Farm and the other on the comer by Town Park, there were no hedges and the land on either side belonged to Brooke Priory. When John got out to open the second gate the pony suddenly shied and galloped off with Emily in the trap towards Oakham. Thinking the pony would gradually slow down as it went up Brooke Hill John called to his wife to sit tight and he followed as fast as he could. However, Emily jumped from the trap as it slowed down going up the hill, her dress became entangled in the wheels and she was dragged along some 600yards. John found his wife’s body beside the road, she had sustained fatal injuries to her head and legs and she sadly died in his arms; the pony eventually stopping at the Brooke road crossing gates.

Such a sad ending to a happy family occasion; the young man celebrating his 21st birthday was to become Connie Beadman’s grandfather.