Brooke News – March 2017

At this time of year nothing too exciting is happening in Brooke, church life goes on as normal with our usual pattern of services, though a slightly different evensong took place on Sunday 5th February. Unfortunately due to illness Connie was unavailable to play the organ for the service but the ever resourceful Harold brought along his ghetto blaster with a pre-recorded tape of hymn music recorded by Connie for such an occasion. Lee was able to take the service as usual and a good sing song was had by all; we all hope John feels better soon or Harold and Connie will be in the recording studio again.

Although without a designated churchwarden and secretary most things seem to run fairly smoothly as everyone helps with the various necessary jobs; our next PCC meeting will be at 7:30pm on 1st March at Rose Cottage, Brooke.

For those suffering from winter ailments here are some helpful hints and remedies taken from ‘Frays Golden Recipes’, published around 1900 and costing sixpence.

Sore throat – roast a potato, crack it, place in a piece of flannel and apply it very hot when the steam from it will be found to make a cure in one night, an obstinate sore throat is cured with a little alum dissolved in sage tea sweetened with honey.

Diseased Lungs – Iceland moss or seaweed made into a jelly with boiling water and sweetened with sugar candy, the right lung suffers much oftener than the left. Plenty of fresh air and a quiet room to sleep in is most important.

Bronchitis – relieved by drinking very hot water sweetened with brown sugar candy, do not sleep in the same underclothing as worn in the day.

Chilblains – if not broken rub often with flower of mustard and brandy; if broken wash with tincture of myrrh and a little water.

Ear ache – bathe the ear with a strong decoction of camomile flowers and poppy heads, as warm as can be borne.

Headache – One thimbleful of whiskey rubbed sharply in the hands and held to the nose gives sure relief.

Influenza – runs its course in five to eight days, drink beef tea with raw eggs and milk and take ten drops of elixir of vitriol in a little water twice a day.

Finally, beware of winds, especially from the north east as they have a trying effect on all ages, especially those advanced in years; when these winds prevail simply make free use of toast and very hot water, well sweetened with brown candy which acts on the lungs.