Braunston Church Roof Alarm Appeal – Update

The church roof alarm is now fully and continuously operational – if it detects anyone on the roof a loud alarm is activated for as long as anyone is present on the roof.

The alarm is connected to a monitoring centre and in the hours of darkness a guard response system will attend to investigate. During daylight the alarm response will call round nominated key holders until someone is able to respond.

The alarm also activates bright flashing lights on the roof which continue to flash for 20 minutes after activation. The alarm is not set off by bats, birds, or animals and is fully approved not to interfere with the natural environment. If you see the alarm has gone off and see anything suspicious don’t put yourself in any danger but do call the police urgently.

Sadly the threat of roof metal theft remains very real, Tilton Church suffered a serious roof metal theft only last month, they are now considering a roof alarm. A big thank you to everyone who supported the alarm appeal.