Bishop John blesses New School Cross

By Yvonne Desroches

Children, staff, parents, governors and members of the community in Burton Latimer, all came together to welcome Bishop John to St. Mary’s CE primary academy on June 29th 2017, to join in collective worship and to bless the recently installed cross.

It was when members of the School, community, and church came together, working in partnership that a dream became a reality. What once was an ordinary stairwell, became transformed by a beautiful expression of faith, an extraordinary cross that has been created.

The idea came to light, following a walk around the school by Yvonne Desroches, Sandra Bennett and Sarah Whitlock with the view of demonstrating in a visual way, the importance of ‘every person matters’.

This is displayed within the cross, as each child is individually represented by their own unique cross that sits within the body of the main cross. Each child will be invited to take this cross with them as they leave the school and new ones will be added by those who enter, representing one body with many parts, a building and changing community.

Photo above: Bishop John, our Rector Jez, our new Curate Tom and Miss Sarah Whitlock, School Principal